How to be Healthy

Over the past few years, it has become apparent that we are bombarded with information regarding all aspects of our health from newspapers, TV and radio, to the internet, twitter, blogging etc.

So much emphasis is placed on how to be ‘healthy’ and so many people seem to have yet another new idea about health that it is almost impossible to know what is real or false, and many people, especially parents can be forgiven for holding their hands up in the air and admitting defeat. The more we read or hear, the more inadequate we can become, and end up doing nothing to improve our health. Continue reading


I am going to talk about allergies in children.  This vast subject raises a lot of unanswered questions, particularly for parents.  According to The Telegraph, allergies in children have tripled in the past 10 years with a worrying growth in severe or complex cases.  There has also been a recent large rise in children with eczema and asthma.  No conclusive answers are available as yet.

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Easy Health Tips

We are going to look at some general health questions we have been asked on the Family Noticeboard.

What should I do to help my son aged 11 get to sleep more easily?  He takes ages to go to sleep, is very restless and then tired in the morning.

The things I am going to discuss are also applicable to adults.  So, the first thing to consider is whether he has a proper sleep routine in place.  Continue reading


Unless you have experienced hay fever, it is hard to imagine the discomfort it can cause.  Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis affects up to one in seven of us.  Symptoms can include itchy runny eyes, prolonged bouts of sneezing, constantly dripping nose, itching of the throat and palate, or any combination of these.
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Parenting Alone

I wanted to write something aimed at single parents.  I have treated many women who are single parents, but never fully appreciated what kind of stress they faced until I joined the ranks.  Now I can speak with personal experience and feel the time is right to offer some advice to others who find themselves alone bringing up children.  This is also aimed at men who find themselves in this position, the strategies work for anyone as long as they want to try a different approach. Continue reading

Winter Blues

As the nights draw in, it is time to take stock of your life and see if there is anything you could change or do better next year.

Winter used to be a time for reflection, thinking about the things you wanted to achieve and possibly coming up with a plan or an idea to start working towards in spring when your energy was higher. We have forgotten these natural ways of our ancestors and instead expect our bodies to simply cope with the 24 hour mentality we have created in this modern world.

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